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Projects & Activities

Hot Meals

Our café is the hub of The Porch. Healthy food eaten on a regular basis is a critical start to the improvement of the body and the mind. We provide nutritious low-priced meals twice a day, six days a week, all year round. We cook with our own organic produce, harvest donations and contributions from the local food bank.

Our two kitchens, café and food store have been awarded five stars by the Food Standards Agency. We offer members the chance to gain new skills by working in our kitchens in preparation for further training and employment opportunities.

Our café is also a vital social and activity space. We provide daily newspapers and board games. We have bingo nights and other social events. Sometimes we offer special meals cooked and provided by friends of The Porch and of course we celebrate Christmas.


Our Allotments are the key to the nutritious food and health programme that we operate.

We have been operating a successful allotment project for over ten years, and have six plots in full cultivation and a small orchard at the Elder Stubbs allotment site in Cowley.

The allotments are key to the nutritious food and health programme that we operate, to help keep our members healthy both physically and mentally; and to give a better basis to move forward in their lives, away from street-life and rough sleeping towards independent living and tenancy sustainment.

Our members work on the allotments 2 afternoons a week producing organically grown vegetables that are used in our kitchens.

The food we grow helps us provide quality meals, at a small cost, at lunchtime and in the evenings.

From the allotment project emerged our Steppin’ Forward Project to give concentrated and active education to selected members in order to develop work related skills that will give them a more realistic opportunity to find part-time work or engage in a positive volunteering role.

Porch Preserves

Porch Preserves is a social enterprise project. Our handmade jams, chutneys and marmalades are made with ingredients from our allotments and donations from Oxford Food Bank.

Porch Preserves do not contain any additives and are vegan too. The attraction for customers is in the form of the handmade, additive free, quirky flavours that comprise our preserves and of course the fact that we are a homeless charity. 

Preserves are sold at £3 each or £10 for four.

Some ways that you can support our Porch Preserves project:

– organise donations of sugar or vinegar from schools, churches, workplaces or individual donations
– sell our preserves at your local fete, school, workplace, church or fair
– donate fruit and vegetables
– buy our jams and pickles!

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, are interested in buying or selling our preserves or would like to order a gift basket, please contact Nicola:


Every Monday from 2-4pm a supervised Art session is held in the centre with frequent guest artists and special projects.

Members can come and express themselves using freely-provided materials such as paint, pencils and clay.

Counselling and Therapy

At the centre we offer auricular acupuncture, Bowen therapy, chiropody and counselling sessions.

These are run by trained professionals who come in on a weekly basis with frequent guest artists and special projects.

We also plan to offer horticultural therapy at our outdoor allotment space.

Vocational Skills Training

From the commitment that members put into the allotments, we started the Steppin’ Forward Project, our own unique skills training project.

Following initial discussions with new members about their goals and aspirations, we invite members to sign a contract of commitment to The Porch for a period of time. We give regular one to one support, provide references, help writing CVs, preparing for job interviews and job or voluntary work search.

Members learn the need for punctuality, work as part of a team, dealing with the public and have the opportunity to develop computer skills or embark on further education.

Our Steppin’ Forward Projects also include garden and allotment work with another charity (Restore at Elder Stubbs).

 We believe that our Steppin’ Forward scheme helps reduce the number of people sleeping rough in the City and reduces repeat homelessness through increased self-esteem and new opportunities.


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