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Other Agencies

Oxford Spot

OxSPOT assesses rough sleepers, and helps them to access accommodation and the support services that can prevent them from returning to the streets. If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough, you can give details – including their location – to OxSPOT. You can contact OxSPOT on 01865 243229 or via email OxSPOT is not an emergency service, but it will follow up all calls and emails as soon as possible.

Emmaus Oxford

Emmaus Communities provide accommodation and work for formerly homeless people whom we call Companions. Companions come off benefits and volunteer to do up to 35 hours work a week at our Emmaus Oxford Secondhand Superstore and Shop at Temple Cowley which recycles furniture and other household goods.

As well as accommodation Companions receive a small allowance and essential bills are paid for them. They live in community and are fully involved in the running of this and do all their own cooking and cleaning as well as helping to run the Emmaus Oxford Secondhand Superstore and Shop at Temple Cowley. This model provides a structure in which formerly homeless people can start to contribute to society thereby regaining self esteem, learning new skills and getting into a rhythm of working.

Crisis Skylight Oxford

Crisis Skylight Oxford offers a wide ranging timetable of creative workshops including art, music, drama and dance and vocational workshops such as carpentry. We also offer tailored employment programmes and accredited learning opportunities in literacy, numeracy, IT and ESOL.

Oxford Homeless Pathways

Oxford Homeless Pathways enables homeless people to find and sustain stable housing by providing emergency facilities, resettlement advice and assistance, and appropriate move-on accomodation. Oxford Homeless Pathways incorporates O’Hanlon House, Julian Housing and the Oxford Homeless Medical Fund. O’Hanlon House provides direct access, emergency accomodation for up to 56 homeless people aged 26+. Julian Housing provides supported housing for ex-homeless people, managing 72 units or accomodation spread over 13 houses, mainly in East Oxford. The Homeless Medical Fund supports welfare, educational and medical services for homeless people in Oxford.

Contact Details:

O’Hanlon House
01865 304600
01865 304627

Julian Housing
01865 201992

The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse is an Oxford based charity providing food, shelter and company to Oxford’s homeless and poorly housed population. It is open to anyone who is 25 or over. Tea, coffee, sandwiches, cake and soup are provided. People are welcome to come in to eat, drink non-alcoholic drinks, rest or meet others.

It is open Monday-Friday 5-7 p.m, Sundays 3-5 p.m, at St Giles Hall, 10 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HT

01865 792999

Oxford City Outreach

Our vision is that no one lives on the streets of Oxford City and no individual arriving on the streets for the first time sleeps out for more than one night. Broadway’s approach is assertive. This means we are proactive and persistent in our efforts to help people move off the streets. We know the options available for rough sleepers and we are clear that sleeping rough is bad for individuals and communities. Leaving a person sleeping rough will never be the best outcome for them: sleeping rough is dangerous, degrading and de-humanising.

As part of a sustained effort to move people off the streets we work with the Police, mental health professionals, hostel staff, substance misuse services and a host of other agencies; as well as the public.

Broadway finds innovative and creative ways to help people move off from the streets. Even when people are resigned to living on the streets we are there to support, challenge and inspire them to make the journey from street to home.

The Oxford Food Bank

The Oxford Food Bank collects good quality fresh food from local supermarkets and wholesalers and delivers it for free to numerous local registered charities. For every £1 we receive in donations we deliver at least £25 worth of fruit, vegetables, bread and dairy products.

Oxford Homeless Movement

Oxford Homeless Movement brings together everyone addressing homelessness in the city – Nobody should have to sleep rough on the streets of Oxford


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