What’s involved?

Volunteers spend time talking and listening to Members. Sometimes you can be the only person who has given attention and time to a person that day or even that week. You might well hear some fascinating life-stories.

Assisting with the laundry, serving food, washing up and cleaning are all part of the role. You can also get involved in other ways by sharing any special skills or interests you may have.

Can I share my skills?

Yes. We run a variety of activities and outings for members including art, computers, sports activities, reading and writing group and fun days out. If you have an interest in any of these areas then our project workers will welcome your help and support.

Equally we are always open to new ideas so if there is an activity we are not doing at the moment that you would like to contribute to, please speak to our service manager.

Sign up!

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If you think you can help, please give us your name and a contact number. Come on VOLUNTEER and find out more about us!

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