COVID Update (November 2020)

An update on our work during these unprecedented times...

We’ve provided take away meals for the homeless and also delivered to those in emergency hotel accommodation or people needing to self-isolate

We’ve also provided welfare support by phone

Overall, we scaled up our work as other Oxford services temporarily closed. This means that the number of people we reach has increased from an average of 70 per day to as many as 200 people per day during lockdown.

The Porch was the only service to see people daily and that made us well-placed to alert other services with an important role to play during lockdown.

The Porch...
- was the only emergency lunchtime food provider in Oxford
- has provided over 18,000 meals since the first lockdown
- made 4,508 telephone welfare calls over the first 3 months
- scaled-up to provide a service 7 days-a-week

We would like to thank the local community for donations and our amazing team of volunteers that have helped us throughout this difficult time. Our work has only been possible with your generosity and commitment.

We are an organisation that arose from Christian ministry

Our mission is to help, in a totally non-discriminatory way, homeless, recently re-housed homeless or vulnerably housed people.

We encourage our service users (our members) to tackle the issues that prevent them from moving forward towards a more positive lifestyle. Our focus is upon support and nurture, along with challenge.

We concentrate upon housing, health, wellbeing, education and employment. We provide healthy food, practical help, companionship, learning skills, work related skills and opportunities for development.

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